With an Event Tix Scanner in your hands, capturing the data that matters most is simple. It's fast, accurate and can handle anything from general admission to the most complex seating arrangements. The Event Tix Scanner uses advanced linear imaging technology and is programmable. It will decode all popular symbologies and its reliability will run rings around the average laser scanner equivalent (and the others guys cost four times the money). This barcode scanner acts like a laser; it looks good and has features giving it more reliability and robust performance than the "big bucks" lasers! Designed to become the World's leading retail barcode scanner, the TG Scanner will equally suit many other applications ...even standing up to heavy-duty warehouse & factory environments. You CANNOT find better value in barcode scanner! Each $149.95 Postage Paid.


Turn our iPhone or iPad into a ticket scanning machine using Event Tix advanced scanning app. It allows promoters and venues to effortlessly scan and validate tickets while cutting down on lines and frustration during your event's busiest time.


Take a break from the will-call hassle. Downloading your will-call ticket list is a snap using our FREE Data Vault backup software, putting you in control of YOUR DATA at all times! Don't have will-call? Use this same technology to generate email lists from your database and send a bulk message to your Customers notifying them of Future Events, or updates on your business. Will-call set up is ideal for smaller events, workshops and events where attendees need a name badge or personalized information upon arrival.