Your funds are available immediately using your own merchant account through PayJunction. It's time to retire your old terminal, our system allows you to accept credit card payments in three ways, with one simple product. PayJunction is a paperless payment service for businesses to process credit cards and checks using any computer, tablet, or cell phone. All Money Goes directly into your account and your in control of your funds at all times.

Immediately access pre-sale tickets to pay your deposits and give you the working capital needed, in advance, to help you succeed!


The virtual terminal is hosted on an SSL encrypted site for secure processing. It utilizes AVS (address verification service) and CVV (card verification value) to protect from fraud, and it is PCI compliant. Making payments online with the help of this credit accepting company is safe.


You can export your reports to a number of different files to use in your accounting program or Excel. This service is quite scalable, and it's flexible enough to grow as your business does.


You can have as many users as you need taking payments online, and you can assign or disable specific features for each user account.


Process transactions, issue refunds, voids or authorize funds and process charges later.


You can add information about your customers and keep it stored securely. You can manage this data and organize your customers into groups, or use the information for special e-mail marketing campaigns.


Need to set up a merchant account? Not a problem! We'll get you set up and getting paid in no time. Our customers rave about PayJunction services, instant funds make this system awesome. We provide a secure web-based service that you can access from any computer.


It seems complicated, but we're to help. Whether you need to switch your current provider, add an account or figure out which works best for you - contact us.

All ticketing is done thru YOUR credit card processor. Our software is compatible with the major Merchant Gateways. If you don't have a merchant account, we'll show you how to get one, easily and inexpensively. Ticketing is FAST and EASY and ALL monies go directly into YOUR ACCOUNT! Unlike other ticketing companies, we don't withhold your funds, we're not using your money, and you're not waiting on us to deposit the money into your account! All ticket sales go DIRECTLY into YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. You pay us $2 per ticket sold every 30 days. That's it! Cheap! Easy! Our competitors will hate us!