What do you people know about ticketing and how long have you been in business?

Event Tix has been doing ticketing either as Event Tix or Secure Transactions Network for about 20 years now! We also do campground reservations.

Why should we use you over any other ticketing company?

Event Tix system is as good or better than ANY system available in the industry! And your customers remain your customers! We're not out to overcharge you or your customers. Our charges are the lowest in the industry! We don't touch your money, and we don't tell you how much to charge for a convenience fee! (We can make recommendations)

Why are your rates so much lower and what's the catch?

We can charge less than any of the other companies because we don't have the overhead of all the other companies! And there is no catch.

What do you know about social media and how can you help us sell more tickets?

We can advise you or we can talk about a custom Social Media Program designed especially for you and your event.

What type of 'sweet deal' are you willing to give us if we're willing to entrust you with our business?

First time customers, talk to us....! We'll work a deal for you that will make you happier than any other ticketing company you've ever worked with before because we want your business!

How long does it take to get us up and running and what if we have special needs that require customization?

Fill out the step by step questioner and we'll have you up and running later that day or the following day! Whatever your special needs may be, chances are we've done it before...! We've been doing this for 20 years now!

Can we sell tickets directly from our Facebook page?

Coming Soon.

What kind of scanners can you supply us with and do we have to pay for them?

We can provide USB scanners that plug into your pc's, or we can supply Motorola type hand held scanners, or you can scan from our iPhone and Android apps. You can purchase your own scanners if you prefer to own them!

What other items can we sell along with tickets?

The better question is...what do you want to sell? The Event Tix system allows you to do it all: sell merchandise, accept donations, create season pass packages or up-sell anything. You can easily set up a store and start collecting cash on any item related to your event.

How many scanners can we use at the same time and what if we have ten gates or more spread over a square mile?

We have a solution for you! We can help you cover ANY area over ANY distance and you can have as many gates or points of entry that you need! So the answer is unlimited!

Do you have a box office solution so we can also sell tickets at the door?

Of course we do! Just log into your cloud based application and it's all in front of you!

Can we get custom or souvenir ticket stock printed?

Yes we can get that done for you or point you in the right direction if custom printed tickets, wristbands or souvenir tickets are something you'd like your event to offer.

Will you create a custom iPhone or Android app for us?

Yes, we have already done that!

What if we have a large number of volunteers that help us with our event(s)? Do you offer a solution that will help us keep track of them, contact them, and keep everyone happy?

Absolutely! We give you a special section so your volunteers can register and you can keep tabs and monitor what they are supposed to be doing as part of their volunteering duties.

What if we need help with our website or Facebook, Twitter, or other internet related things, or marketing?

We have a team in place that can help you with marketing, on a case by case basis! Let us know your needs and we'll tell you how we can help!

What about google AdWords or tracking where our ticket sales are coming from? Can you help us with that?

We already have this built into our system so yes, we can help you with that!

Can you help us with surveys or email?

We can do that for you also, or we can show you how to download your own email list in whatever format you would like it!

What about print material like posters, flyers, brochures or a program guide?

We can guide you in the right direction!

What about wristbands? What if we wanted to use REID chips and REID scanners at our gates?

We can guide you in the right direction!

Are you publicly traded or do you have plans to go public?

We are a privately held company but under the right circumstances we would consider a public offering for expansion purposes.

Will you hold our hand and be there for us when we need you?

No need to panic! We'll be here for you! We've been through the craziest of times and we'll be here for you!

What happens if we don't have a live internet connection at our event? Can we still scan tickets and get instant verification?

Yes, all you'll need is a computer or computers at your box office, and all you have to do is download your database just before your event begins. You can then scan patrons as they come to your event, and you can continue to sell tickets at your gate.

Who do you recommend for a merchant provider and why? Can we also use PayPal?

You can use PayPal but we recommend Pay Junction (click here for link) because we've been working with them for many years and they offer great customer service and fit seamlessly with our ticketing or reservation software.

What if we want to offer camping or hotel rooms or a silent auction?

Not a problem! It's already built into our software, so just let us know what you'd like to do. We don't charge extra for things like this.

Does Event Tix have a percentage fee?

Nope, we don't charge one! You instantly receive your funds and have control over managing refunds and cancellations via your own merchant provider!

Many of our clients use Pay Junction because their rates are among the lowest in the industry, and their customer support is awesome! Click here to learn more about Pay Junction.

By the way, all funds are directly deposited into your account within 24 hours of the transaction.

Let them know you are a Event Tix client for preferred rates.

When do we get our money and do you have hidden costs?

Assuming you get your own merchant account you will get your money instantly every time a purchase is made! There are no hidden costs and we take our small cut every thirty days via our merchant account.

Is there an annual fee for using client services?

No, we don't charge an annual fee and Our Client Services team is available to you as part of our service. You can contact our Client Services team anytime for help with no additional fees.

How does credit card processing work?

Contact Pay Junction and they'll set you up with your merchant account and every time a ticket is sold or a reservation is made the funds go DIRECTLY into your bank account. You know exactly where you stand at any given moment of the day!

Is it true I can actually earn additional revenue by using your electronic ticketing solution?

Absolutely! You can mark up our fees and charge whatever you like, and pocket the difference on the Customer Service Charge. Example... you can charge a $2.00 convenience fee on every ticket sold and pay us $1.00 and you keep the difference!

Why is Event Tix so much better than other online ticketing providers?

Event Tix puts you in total control and gives you an easy, boundless system for you to create a fully branded ticketing experience. Beautifully design your custom templates, set prices, manage data, set fees and do what you need to sell out your event. Event Tix gives you the opportunity to utilize some of the strongest, cutting edge (and custom) technology available to turn your event into a money generating machine!

Does Event Tix offer a free ticketing audit of my current ticketing provider?

Yup! Tell us your current deal with whoever you're currently using as a ticket provider and chances are excellent you'll get a better deal with us! We'll tell you how much extra $$$ you can put in your pocket by using our service!

Who owns our customer list and do we have to worry about it being sold or used without permission?

Only you own your customer list and you will never have to worry about anyone else ever getting access to your list, because it's YOUR LIST!

What commitment do we have to make in order to use Event Tix?

No long term commitment! Try us out for ONE EVENT if you are not delighted with our service, you can go your own way, but we believe you'll be with us for a long time to come!

How do I contact client services for support?

Even though we've created reliable, easy to use software for you, our trained technicians are available around the clock to assist if needed. You can call or e-mail our Client Services team for assistance. They will be glad to answer questions, help troubleshoot a problem, or even make recommendations. Our support team is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. EST. You can call 561-886-8866 or contact us here.

Who is Event Tix Powered by?

Event Tix is a full featured online ticketing solution developed by TicketInspector.com. TicketInspector.com makes web based software for the ticketing industry and has been constantly improving and adding features for the past ten years.